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Scottsdale home buyer
Lynn & Vic

We used Sharyl Sheppard to find our second home in the Scottsdale area. As we live mainly in the UK, this was no easy task for them as they had to come up with the right properties in the restricted amount of time we had to spend with them. They took endless time and trouble to find exactly what we wanted when we didn't know ourselves. Their local knowledge of the area and it's real estate was impressive and we found our ideal property in the best of locations. Our time spent with them was fun and informative and they made the whole buying experience a pleasure. I would highly recommend them as Real Estate Professionals if you are a local or from outside the USA.

home for sale in Scottsdale
Mark S

Sharyl Sheppard and John Sanders have both executed the epitome of professional customer service, and truly happy to be a recipient of their expertise. I am currently in a profession where I'm introduced to may realtors. While most are confident of their portfolio and what "they do", however, the team of Sharyl Sheppard and John Sanders are in a league of their own. The big difference is their ability to communicate with each other at the mercy of the customers (my wife and I) requirements. Cannot wait to utilize them again. Highly recommended.

Perfect house
Susan B

It took months to find a house that meet our needs. Sharyl sent us listings several times a week for months and months. We finally found a house that looked perfect and I'm certain that without their skill our offer would not of been accepted. There were multiple offers on the home, and they still were able to convince the owner to accept our offer.